As more people continue to take advantage of the help that the new insurance laws provide regarding drug and alcohol addiction treatment, the more people have questions. Here you will find answers to many of the questions that you might have if you’re looking for a rehab center that is covered by your insurance policy.

Keep in mind that there are usually exceptions when it comes to insurance companies, as what they say is not always what they will do. It’s an unfortunate fact that every time someone checks for benefits they have to put in the legal disclaimer of “this is not a guarantee of payment.”

On the brighter side, more people than ever before have been able to get into higher-quality addiction treatment centers as a result of the mandated changes in insurance coverage for substance abuse and mental health benefits.

As always, if you have more questions than what we provide here, or if you’d like further clarification, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Even more so, if you would like us to help you check your insurance policy for substance abuse treatment benefits and see if we can match up a successful facility that will accept it, we have people standing by to assist you.

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