A lot of people looking for addiction treatment programs wonder, “How do I know what will be covered?”

Unfortunately, the short answer is, “You don’t.” Insurance companies specifically state that even though they provide an explanation and estimation of coverage, it is not a guarantee of payment. There are many intricacies of the insurance industry, especially dealing with substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs generally accept people’s insurance policies as a form of payment based on historical data of coverage and payments from previous claims from the same type of policy and insurance carrier.

Where people can get hung up is either A) believing they cannot go out of network to a treatment facility not listed in their provider network; or B) thinking they have excellent coverage based on the brief description of their policy provided by the insurance carrier.

The reality is that what is covered is often somewhere in between A and B above. This is why people and organizations with a long history of helping people find treatment centers that accept their insurance usually know more about matching up facilities with policies.

If you’d like to get a better idea of what your insurance policy will cover for addiction treatment programs, contact us now.