Insurance For Rehab

Insurance For Rehab: Managing The Cost Of Rehab

Ever considered going to an alcohol and drug rehab? Are you wondering how much it costs to go to drug and alcohol rehab? Rehabs are really expensive. One of the reasons they are expensive is the fact that they come with a lot of hidden costs and even basic costs.

One can see a rehab going for as high as over $5,000 monthly and even multiple times over this amount. The best way to beat these costs is by getting insurance for rehab. There are many options for insurance for rehab clients can choose from. The type of services rehabs offer usually determine the costs that come with it and also the person’s possible recovery outcome.

When choosing a rehab, one has to consider a lot of factors in order to get the right treatment for their loved ones. Such factors as

    Housing Treatment programs Staffing Food Transport Insurance


Some rehabs have a license for up to about six beds and some even come with additional amenities like a private bath. Some rehabs come with packages offering private rooms and some others give shared rooms accommodating 3 or 4 persons in a room. The location, size and the types of amenities that come with the rehab is an important factor to consider when choosing a rehab for a loved one. It is expected that houses that are very large with significant space will determine the costs especially when they include hidden charges such as maintenance, cleaning, utilities and household supplies.

The location of the rehab facility also determines the cost of the rehab. Luxurious houses that are situated in coastal areas may come with swimming pool facilities, spas, and even tennis courts. These rehabs would want to include these extra amenities to improve the person recovery on time.

Treatment programs

Most rehabs usually and still adopt the traditional group meetings and therapy for speedy recovery. Some rehabs, however, offer premium services like a private individual session and other customized programs which would obviously cost a lot more than what regular rehabs charge.


Rehabs usually hire professionals as part of their staff to improve treatment of their clients. They have drug and alcohol counselors who have significant experience and are sometimes trained up to masters level or even doctoral clinicians. These professionals can offer specialized treatment services like treatment/discharge planning as well as communication with outside providers and even their family. Putting your loved ones in these rehabs will guarantee that they are in capable hands.

Also, rehabs make provisions for resident staff assistants to monitor the daily operations of the rehab like medications and household tasks. The resident staff assistants usually monitor the security and physical safety of the clients as well as ensuring that outsiders do not intrude in the premises.


Clients are given a healthy diet plan to aid their recovery at rehabs. Food is very essential and rehabs usually provide food options which are limited and mostly freshly grown. People’s food preferences whether vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, gluten free etc. are usually considered. All these usually add up to the cost of the rehab expenses.


Some rehabs offer transport services for places like the gym, airport, to beach and other recreational places. This additional service also affects the costs of the rehab.


When choosing insurance for rehab one must consider whether the insurance package is a full or partial coverage because the cost of treatment is very expensive.