According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 23.5 million individuals within the U.S. have an addiction problem. That equates to one adult out of every 12. Sadly, a mere 11 percent get the treatment they need for such substance abuse. A primary reason for this is the cost involved. Obtaining rehab treatment is costly enough that many people who need it can not afford the help that they require. Keep reading to learn more about Blue Cross Blue Shield in Florida, known by its trademark of Florida Blue.

Indicators You May Require Rehab

While no two individuals suffer exactly alike from addiction, there are a few warning indicators that you need help. Should you discover the following symptoms in a family member or yourself, you could need to get professional treatment in rehab.

  • Feeling shame from substance abuse
  • Concealing drug use or drinking from family and friends
  • Practicing dangerous behaviors like driving while intoxicated
  • Failing to succeed at school or work
  • Feelings of inadequacy that lead you to take drugs or drink to feel loved and accepted
  • Loss of closeness to family and friends because of substance abuse
  • Suffering from troubles with the law and police

Should you or a family member be dealing with these problems and Blue Cross Blue Shield in Florida is your insurance provider, then you could have all or part of the costs of rehab covered under your policy.

Does Florida Blue Cover Rehab Costs?

Florida Blue policies do enable individuals to get help with substance abuse. The state Blue Cross Blue Shield policies provide a few different plans that assist in meeting longer-term recovery. The exact coverage for substance abuse disorders is a factor of the individual policy details and you or your family member’s personal needs.

Florida Blue Company History and Background

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida remains both the oldest and biggest state health insurance provider. Florida Blue began operations in 1944. The mutual insurance company is non-profit and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Its policyholders own the company.

Florida Blue offers health insurance services and products to Floridians in the millions as well as to millions of other Americans in a few others states. The company’s health insurance plans provide coverage for individuals and groups with HMO, PPO, supplemental, and indemnity policies. Florida Blue is a member of GuideWell, a non-profit mutual holding firm. It is a fully independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Why Do We Need Rehab Coverage?

In the past, the medical profession believed that addiction resulted from moral failings coupled with weakness in personality. Additional research in the treatment of addiction proved this assumption to be false. Today we understand that addiction is instead a chronic disease. It can be treated just like heart disease and diabetes.

Addiction works on the brain’s frontal cortex. It re-configures how individuals process pleasure and reward. Such an alteration to brain function becomes worse over continued usage with growing physical dependency to the substance. The most effective way to defeat this disease is through rehab facility professional treatment. It allows you to manage addiction symptoms so that a victim can hope to attain a sober and happier future.

The most important part of starting rehab is to concentrate on recovering. Those victims of addiction who go to rehab while suffering from financial burdens that cause stress have a higher chance of experiencing difficulties in rehab or outright relapsing. It is especially the case with many people having to miss school or work to recover, which adds a higher amount of stress to a difficult situation. Clients can focus better on their recovery and improving if all, or part of the cost of treatment is covered.

How Does Florida Blue Coverage Work?

With the majority of cases, Florida Blue policies will make you pay a defined deductible before the coverage pays towards the substance abuse treatment. It is essential to know that some of the plans also have a copayment or co-insurance requirement. The Florida Blue policies range from Bronze through Platinum levels.

With the Bronze and Silver policies, these provide coverage that includes greater out of pocket costs for the treatment. The higher prices result from a higher deductible with lower coverage amount for rehab that falls under the mental health disorders umbrella. Those who have Gold or Platinum policies receive coverage that pays a more significant percentage of the costs but includes higher monthly premiums.

With the majority of Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida policies, it will cost more for out of the network treatment than for in-network therapy because of the co-insurance rates. Outside of the network rehab centers generally assess you a higher portion of treatment costs to the maximum out of pocket amount. Most of these policies will have a set copayment amount for treatment in the network, while they may charge fully 50 percent as co-insurance for going to a program that is out of the network.

Florida Blue Policy Limitations for Rehab Costs

There are limitations in Florida Blue policies that are dependent on the plan details. You should investigate your policy to learn what this varying total coverage amount is on your particular policy. It is also true that some programs in rehab will come with larger cost shares and costs when compared to other treatment programs that they offer.

What Is Detox?

Detoxification involves flushing the body of its chemical dependence on drugs or alcohol. It is a critical first step in the majority of rehab treatments. For some patients, detox can require from days to weeks to successfully finish based on how severe the addiction has been.

During the detox, many recovering addicts will experience a host of unpleasant symptoms, including anxiety, nausea, shaking, fever, seizures, and others. Experts recommend medically assisted detox for safety reasons. Doctors can make sure that you are safe during the process and can prescribe medicines to reduce the severity of the symptoms.

What Are the Differences Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment?

As each level of the policies with Florida Blue is different, outpatient versus inpatient coverage costs also vary. You should determine which of the two treatments is most appropriate for your situation. The most significant differences between the two types of treatment are as follows:

Inpatient Treatment:

  • Treatment is typically from 30 to 90 days long
  • Accommodation and meals are included in the cost
  • Clients are required to take leave from school or work for recovery
  • Clients gain the advantage of available medical assistance 24 hours per day
  • Therapy sessions are a daily occurrence
  • You are taken out of the addictive environment

Outpatient Treatment

  • Treatment requires more time than inpatient treatment typically
  • You can attend work and school as before while living at home
  • There are organized weekly meetings
  • You will be accountable for your choices
  • This form of rehab is better for clients who have finished detox already and who can minimize their alcohol and drug temptations

Choosing your treatment type will permit you to plan for out of pocket costs that your insurance policy may not cover.

Get the Help You Need Today

Should you or a family member require rehab treatment, you do not have to face these costs alone to go into a program. The treatment expenses should not stop you. Call today and learn how Florida Blue rehab coverage can help you.