Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana

How do you know when you need help?

Several Louisiana citizens suffer every day in a losing battle they face with their substance abuse. A person is considered to be abusing a substance when they start to show sure signs that a psychologist in the field can readily identify, but some of the symptoms are obvious even to the untrained eye. Some characteristics of her a person who needs rehab may be physical such as not taking care of their hair, hygiene, or even their children or animals in ways that they usually would. However, some signs only show themselves at the threat of the substance being taken away or when the substance is unavailable. This may present itself as irritability, short temper, and fatigue. These are signs of withdrawal. The person may also consider this substance to be a priority of theirs, and them having it is crucial to their routine.

It is up to the person suffering from the condition to realize that they need professional assistance. All of these symptoms may also be obvious to the user, but the only way to get to the point of getting help is to want that. Once the person has reached an end of having the desire to quit, then it’s time for them to seek advice because they may not be able to do so on their own. One of the best ways to go about getting help is to contact your health insurance holder and find out what you can do with their help. The dedicated professionals of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana have made it their life’s mission to assist those in need.

How can they help?

Many are afraid even to take the steps necessary to receive professional care because they aren’t sure their health insurance plan will cover their personal needs especially when it comes to such a taboo topic like drug and alcohol abuse. However, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana believes that rehabilitation of any kind is an essential health benefit for everyone covered by them. They do offer coverage for drug and alcohol abuse needs and cover nearly every aspect of it. They will pay for psychotherapy and even counseling for their members, and they also pay for inpatient services. As an inpatient, you would have to stay at the hospital in which you are receiving treatment for your substance abuse. Whether you are classified as an inpatient or outpatient in a hospital is entirely up to the doctor you choose. Should your condition be bad enough for the facility to require that you remain an inpatient,, your plan will assist in covering that as well. Any detox you may need while being kept at the inpatient facility will also be covered under any program you may have with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

A detox is a form of treatment that removes the substances that have accumulated in the body since the beginning of the patients use. These toxins may lead to a multitude of diseases and could potentially be fatal. They are covered under all of the company’s plans. And in addition to paying for your inpatient services and therapy, they also will not charge extra fees for pre-existing conditions. These are privileges that go across the board for all of the plans offered to their members. And it’s only right since that’s been their goal since the beginning. In 1948 three non-profit hospitals permanently joined forces, and they were from then on known as the Louisiana Hospital Services. The American Hospital Association even approved them as a Blue Cross plan, and after that, they were known as the Blue Cross of Baton Rouge.

Years of Dedicated Service

Exactly ten years later, the Hospital Services of New Orleans became the Blue Cross of Greater New Orleans, and in 1975 they teamed up with the Blue Cross of Baton Rouge. Together they did business as the Blue Cross of Louisiana. They were continuing to grow and become more capable of helping the citizens all over Louisiana, so much so that as little as ten years later they were known as the Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Orleans. This made it so that the Physician and hospital coverage were both under one plan.

As of 2019, the company is celebrating 85 years of service to the citizens of their great state. With all of that historic service under their belt, it seems it’d be an easy decision to make the switch and become a member under their service.

Start Today!

Although these services are offered to everyone, it is up to each individual to take advantage of the services and realize when you genuinely do require help. Substance abuse is a life-threatening disease that millions of Americans suffer from, and the sooner you receive the support you need, the healthier you’ll be in the years to come.

Their services begin as soon as you sign up. Though the idea of dealing with the dreadful withdrawal period may be terrifying, the threat of losing yourself is far worse. The danger of your loved ones losing you is far worse. Your doctors may tell you that your health is failing, and the effects this substance is having on you. Your family may express their concern for your safety and the minimal quality of life you can sustain while under the spell of this killer substance. Your associates may be able to talk with you about your quality of work while dealing with your problem.

But the choice totally and entirely up to you. So visit their website, and decide which of their plans best suits you and what you need. After you’ve evaluated that, don’t waste any more time. Get the help and coverage that you need with Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana. Do it today!