Having trouble with substance abuse or know a friend who’s suffering? Chances are you’re not alone. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Opioids alone played a vital role in the deaths of almost 2,000 in 2017. Massachusetts home to one of the most considerable overdose rates in the United States, meaning that anyone with an unhealthy relationship to drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs is at risk of a fatal incident. Chances are someone you know is already struggling with a crippling and potentially fatal addiction affecting their health, lifestyle, and relationships. Seeking help from trained medical professionals is the only way to improve for many suffering under the crippling effects of substance abuse.

Thankfully, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is here help you or a loved one finally beat the habit for good. They connect you to their network of convenient, effective services to facilitate quitting at a price-point that’s right for you. And since every person is different, each treatment plan is personalized, allowing everyone to get what they need how and when they need it. Good health and freedom from addiction are just around the corner for anyone willing to try.

How Do I Know If a Friend or I Have a Substance Addiction?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what addiction looks like. Declining health and an urgent need to acquire an addictive substance of choice are clear signs that a person requires help and therapy, especially if the problem has been ongoing for many years.
For a caregiver, the hardest part is convincing your loved one that there is a problem. If this is the case, try pointing out specific health or individual issues that started after the addiction entered the person’s life. And if you are suffering, you probably already see these symptoms in yourself and are looking to quit already. Admitting there is a problem is a crucial step towards recovery, with the next action being to seek proven professional assistance.

What is BCBSMA and How Can They Help?

For almost 30 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) has been helping local state residents pay for all of their health treatment needs. They are a registered non-profit committed to giving back to the patients they serve, investing in healthiness, happiness, and community while also providing innovative health-insurance packages to employers and individuals. They are a part of a national Blue Cross Blue Shield legacy stretching back over 80 years of affordable plans and excellent service.
While everyone is capable of beating even the worst addictions, most lack the money and resources to do it on their own. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts connect victims of drugs to services they need to beat their habits from access to hospital services to visits to proven rehabilitation programs. With the help of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the only thing required to succeed is to overcome adversity and improve for the ones who need you the most.

How Rehabilitation Services Help Defeat Addiction

If you are struggling with addiction, you likely have some mixture of mental and physical symptoms related to your dependence issue. If for example, you are addicted to alcohol, the mere thought of stopping might cause you to feel nervous, upset, or even unwell. And for addictive drugs such as cigarettes, your body may react in negative ways if you stop your regular smoking habit. This may lead to serious health issues, which make it difficult or even impossible to quit safely.

Thankfully Rehabilitation Clinics have the services you need to support you in your fight. Treatments like nicotine patches and methadone therapy help patients gradually wean themselves off of addictive substances, allowing most anyone to transition off harmful additives without risking harm to their bodies. Group discussions and support groups help patients connect with others going through the same experiences, while counselors offer personalized support to help identify bad habits and foster healthy decision making.

Programs are not just limited to in-patient programs either, where participants must remain onsite during treatment. Out-patient care is available for those who are ready to continue their care outside of a treatment center, allowing them the freedom and comfort of their familiar homes and neighborhoods. An Out-patient facility will provide classes, medications, and other supports while the client is free to work or go to school without any restrictions.

Road to Recovery

Even with effective treatment, finally separating oneself from addictive substances is not an easy task. It can take years to kick the habit, with relapse being a serious issue that many former addicts face. Even with all the right treatments, moving past substance dependence takes tremendous will-power, often stemming from the patient’s desire to get better to achieve a goal or be there for children or relatives. If someone you know is going through treatment, make sure they receive plenty of affection and love during their trials. And if you’re going through treatment, never feel shy about receiving help from those who offer it, and avoid isolating yourself from those who care about you the most. While medical treatment and guidance is a critical factor in recovery, so is the coordinated support of others. Never discount the power of the people in your life.

How Can I Get Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts coverage?

Most receive the option to receive Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts services through employer-provided health insurance programs, while others have the opportunity to purchase individual plans for themselves. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts provide a variety of coverage options, so make sure that your plan includes rehabilitation services so you can receive all the help and treatment that you need.

Also, keep in mind that different plans offer different deductible rates, so be sure to keep that in mind when making your decision. For more detailed information, go to BCBSMA’s official website at https://home.bluecrossma.com. The report found here will help inform you of all the options available to you, and will help Blue Cross Blue Shield find the best plan for your situation.

Thank you for considering Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts for your health and wellness needs!