When addiction strikes, it respects no person. Current figures on drug and alcohol abuse show that every race, religion, and socioeconomic level has members fighting to take their lives back.

Did you know that of the millions of people dealing with alcohol and drug dependency, most are not getting the treatment they need? They don’t think they can afford quality addiction treatment, so they go it alone, which rarely works given the destructive nature of addiction.

Fortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi knows the importance of rehab and understands the need that society has to get addiction treatment to the people who need it. Their plans make it possible for the many people of Mississippi struggling with addiction to get help.

Signs You May Need Rehab

It’s hard to admit when you or someone you love has a problem with drugs or alcohol. However, it’s essential to take immediate action if you do see symptoms of addiction. Some diseases manifest their symptoms strongly, and addiction is one of these diseases. If you are not in denial, you will recognize some or all of the following symptoms of addiction.

  • Secretive consumption
  • Poor hygiene
  • Lying
  • Money mismanagement
  • Compromised relationships with friends and family
  • Poor work or school record
  • Weight loss
  • Declining health
  • Shame and guilt
  • Changing personality

With enough of these signs present, you have a clear cut case of addiction; however, there may be an instance where you are not sure. The waiting game works but only for a while. If the symptoms you see do get worse or others begin to manifest, then you should think about seeking addiction treatment. Addiction is something that only gets worse over time if you ignore it or procrastinate.

Do Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Plans Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi plans have different types of plans available, and all of them cover rehab to some extent or another. BCBS of Mississippi believes that health care plans must include coverage of the treatments that help address one of the fastest-growing health crises in US history.

The History of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Blue Cross Blue Shield Mississippi has a long history of getting coverage for the Mississippians. Since 1947, it has been a leader in the insurance industry not only in the state but in the south as well, developing and implementing novel and effective insurance programs.

Today, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi continues to provide insurance plans that offer a wide range of coverage options for the illnesses that the people of Mississippi face. The organization strives to keep Mississippians informed and healthy and works with them as partners in their healthcare. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi also supports community organizations and schools by giving grants and other resources for community development.

Why do We Need Rehab Coverage?

Alcohol and drug addiction are now public health emergencies. Failing to give treatment to those battling these substances will only be worse for society as a whole. Fortunately, the community has come a long way in recognizing the true destructive nature of addiction.

In the past, people addicted to alcohol were told to get it together. There was no acknowledgment that their addiction was sickness and not a question of will power or laziness. Many saw alcoholism as the work of the devil and made it a moral issue, which did not do much good at all in helping people kick the habit. Shame and guilt were the only consequences for treating people with drinking problems in this manner.

Those addicted to drugs in the past had it worse. They had to deal with the criminal justice system. Incarceration was frequent for people who needed help. Plus, the societal stigma of being addicted to drugs was worse than it was for being addicted to alcohol since alcohol was legal. If you were struggling to overcome drugs at that time, you might have had nowhere to turn for real help.

Today, things have changed for the better. Medical science has shown, and society now accepts that addiction is a medical problem. We know that it causes physiological changes that need to be addressed by competent medical personnel.

How does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Rehab Coverage Work?

There are rehab centers in the state that will take your insurance, and each one has a list of treatments they offer. Your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi plan may cover some or all of the cost of the treatment you desire. Some of the terms in your plan may be difficult to understand. Talking to your insurance provider or a rehab center will help answer some or all of your questions.

What are the Differences Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment?

Inpatient care is an intense form of therapy where a client’s every move is monitored, and their daily activities are scheduled for the duration of the treatment. Inpatient clients do not have to worry about the day to day necessities of life. Everything is provided to them while receiving treatment, such as food and accommodation.

During inpatient care, counseling and group sessions occur daily, and onsite medical care is available 24 hours a day. Cellphones and the internet are usually banned, and visitors come once a client has made some progress. In most cases, inpatient rehab can last as long as 90 days or as little as 30.

Outpatient care is a much more relaxed form of rehab compared to inpatient. Outpatient clients are not isolated from the outside world and continue to live life normally. Once a week or so, they will engage in therapy and counseling.

Outpatient clients have more exposure to temptations. It is their responsibility to avoid them so as not to fall back in to use. Outpatient care is, therefore, suitable for people who feel to have a firm handle on their addiction. Outpatient care is also ideal for those who have too many responsibilities to do an inpatient program.

Get the Help You Deserve Today

The high cost of rehab is no longer a reason to avoid treatment for addiction. If you or a loved one are battling alcohol and drugs, know that you can get quality medical care, even if you can’t pay for it out of pocket. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi healthcare plans put addiction treatment within your reach. Contact Beachway for more information on Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for rehab.