Do you know someone who is in dire need of rehab? Then you are like millions of Americans across the country. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a devastating problem that is causing damage to every race and socioeconomic level because it respects no boundaries.

Did you also know that most of the millions of people fighting this dependency are doing it alone? The results are not favorable. Relapse occurs in the majority of people who take on addiction without the help of trained and experienced medical and mental health professionals. They forego support because the costs of addiction treatment are high and simply out-of-reach of many people who need it.

Fortunately, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire has a mission to get quality addiction treatment coverage to residents of New Hampshire. ABCBS of New Hampshire understands that when the barriers of treatment are lowered, people will be able to get the help they desperately need. Keep reading to find out how Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage plans can help you get the addiction care you or a loved one needs.

Signs You May Need Rehab

It is hard admitting that you or someone you care about has a problem with drugs or alcohol. However, the signs of addiction are precise, reliable, and will manifest regardless of denial. If you notice any of the symptoms of addiction listed below, then seek addiction help immediately. The problems will only get worse as time goes on. Snipping addiction in the bud is extraordinarily helpful in addiction treatment, so act quickly.

  • Concealing drugs or alcohol consumption
  • Shame due to consuming drugs or alcohol
  • Loss of motivation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of financial control
  • Poor work or school record
  • Problems with the law
  • Problems in personal relationships
  • Declining standard of personal hygiene

Some of these signs could signify other problems, so it is essential to look at the big picture when you are observing signs. For example, only because someone is having issues with money does not mean they are struggling with addiction. However, if you notice them also hiding when they drink, then you have a big red flag, and you should get help as soon as possible.

Do Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire Plans Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Yes. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire has a few options for coverage contained in their healthcare plans. When browsing the plans, you will see that each one offers levels of coverage different than the others. Some may cover the entire cost of your treatment while others may require that you pay some money out-of-pocket.

The History of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield have been members of the Blue Cross Blue Shield family since the early ’40s. Throughout the mid to late 20th Century, they operated independently to provide the people of New Hampshire with affordable and comprehensive healthcare coverage. In 2005, they merged with WellPoint Health Networks to form WellPoint Incorporated. Today, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield with WellPoint continue to cover the needs of the people of New Hampshire with affordable and innovative insurance products and services.

Why do We Need Rehab Coverage?

It is practically impossible to beat addiction to drugs and alcohol alone even though millions attempt it. Those that try to go it alone have high relapse rates because addiction is a medical and mental health problem that needs to be addressed by trained and experienced professionals.

There was a time when addiction was not recognized as a medical condition. Back then, those who were battling drugs and alcohol were either seen as degenerates, weak, criminals, or all of the above. There was no severe talk about dealing with addiction by using society’s medical resources.

Today, we know that to treat addiction, you must use the knowledge and experience of medical professionals because we know that addiction is a physiological process. If it weren’t, then will power and good morals and intentions would work as a treatment, but they do not.

How does Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Rehab Coverage Work?

First, you will choose from one of the healthcare plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire. Each plan will provide some coverage for rehab. Depending on your situation, your policy may fully cover the treatment you want.

Contact the rehab centers you are researching. They can help you determine the level of treatment you may require and help determine the extent of your coverage. They will also fill you in on the procedure for requesting treatment, submitting your paperwork, and other essential details regarding your care and insurance.

What are the Differences Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment?

Patients who feel strong enough to lead healthy lives while receiving treatment for addiction should look into outpatient care. Nothing changes in a patient’s daily schedule except for regular counseling and treatment sessions that may occur once a week or so. Outpatient care is also suitable for patients who need help but can’t afford to isolate themselves from society for inpatient care.

Inpatient care is a more intensive treatment option for addiction. If you sign up for inpatient care, you will move to the rehab center for the duration of your treatment. Inpatient care can last anywhere from one to three months. While on campus, you will be focused primarily on beating your addiction with the help of experienced and trained medical and mental health professionals. All of your meals will be provided, and you will be isolated from the outside world.

Get the Help You Deserve Today

Don’t put off treatment for drugs and alcohol any longer. The financial obstacles to rehab no longer have to prevent you from getting the treatment you need. With Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare policies, your treatment will cost you little to nothing.

For more information about Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans or to learn more about addiction coverage, contact us today.