How Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of Oregon Can Help With Rehab Coverage

Substance abuse has been on the rise in the United States for the past several years, with current estimates suggesting that over 20 million people suffer from addiction. Despite this increase, there hasn’t been a similar rise in the number of people who seek treatment.

Some of this may be because some people may not realize that they have an addiction, or may believe that they can beat it themselves. For many, however, access to adequate treatment is a prominent issue, as a significant number don’t have the funds needed to seek drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Blue Cross Blue Shield look to change this, with the health insurance company having a presence in every state, including Oregon. Unlike much of its competition, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon offers both alcohol and drug rehab coverage.

Many people may wonder why this coverage is needed while also wondering if rehab is something that they might need to take advantage of. There are quite a few things that you should be aware of when deciding on your insurance coverage and even more to know about choosing a rehab treatment.

Signs You May Need Rehab

There are a variety of signs that somebody may need rehab. While some may be obvious to everybody, there are a few that many people may overlook. As a result, they can often go unnoticed in the early weeks or months of addiction. Some of the more significant signs that you should be aware of include:

  • A feeling of shame because of your drug or alcohol abuse;
  • Feeling inadequate and as though you need to use alcohol or drugs to be accepted by people;
  • Hiding the consumption of drugs or alcohol from friends and family;
  • Losing touch with family or friends because of your substance abuse.

There can also be several signs that are much more obvious than each of the above. These typically include failing at either school or work commitments as a direct result of drug or alcohol abuse and even having legal issues because of substance abuse.

If you notice any of the above in you or a loved one, then you should consider seeking professional treatment for your addiction.

Do Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Oregon Plans Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

If you’re a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon and believe that you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment, then you should be able to do so and have your program covered. While different packages will include various treatment options and centers, each does cover rehab to a certain degree.

The more comprehensive insurance policies that Blue Cross Blue Shield offer will cover almost every aspect of the treatment experience. If you’ve opted for a less comprehensive policy, then much of your rehab and treatment will still be covered, although you could expect a small number of minor expenses.

To determine whether rehab will be covered for you, and to what degree, you should speak to a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon today.

The History Of Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Oregon

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon is a Mutual Legal Reserve Company that focuses on consumers by being completely customer-owned. The company has been run this way since it was founded several decades ago. Since then, the overall Blue Cross Blue Shield company has expanded to have facilities in states across the country.

In each of the communities that the organization operates in, it looks to foster improvements in health, as well as to invest in the overall community. Throughout this time, the company has been run to the highest standards of ethics and care possible. As a result, the firm has also offered a significant amount of transparency in its business practices.

Why Do We Need Rehab Coverage?

A certain number of people may wonder why rehab coverage is needed. The primary reason behind this is that addiction is a disease that affects a considerable amount of people around the country. While many of these people want to seek treatment, they often don’t have the finances to do so.

As a result, many who suffer from addiction are unable to get the help that they desperately want and need. Rehab coverage helps them receive this treatment with a minimum of the financial cost. For those who take advantage of rehab coverage, it can often mean the difference between life and death.

When somebody starts on their path to sobriety, they should be focused on their recovery. If they’re worried about finances, then this may not often be possible.

How Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Oregon Rehab Coverage Work?

When it comes to finding and claiming for treatment, it can be vital to follow the appropriate procedures. In the majority of cases, policyholders will need preapproval from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon before receiving detox treatment or inpatient care, as well as some outpatient services.

To ensure that you can take advantage of these options, you should speak to a member of the insurance company. The representative will then talk you through the process of getting approval for the treatment. Doing so shouldn’t take too long; the professionals at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon know how vital receiving the care quickly can be.

As a result, they aim to ensure a speedy and easy to understand process.

What Is Detox?

Detox is a term that’s been used extensively over the past few decades, although many people may not be aware of what the term means. In short, this is the process of allowing drugs or alcohol to leave your system, which can often take days or weeks.

Depending on the substances themselves, there may be a variety of withdrawal symptoms. Some of these can be dangerous, such as those that often come with opiate withdrawal, which usually means that medical supervision will be needed during this time.

Some of the more common symptoms that many people experience include fever, shaking, nausea, and even anxiety, although much of this can depend on which substances a person was addicted to.

What Are The Differences Between Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment?

Many people will be curious as to what the differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment are. As the names would suggest, inpatient care is done in the medical center itself, while people receiving outpatient care can go about their daily lives while receiving care.

In many cases, people on the road to recovery will receive a blend of the two treatment options. For example, detox is traditionally an inpatient treatment which can then be followed up on with either inpatient or outpatient care, with this depending on a patient’s needs.

It should be noted that outpatient care typically takes much longer than inpatient services.

Get The Help You Deserve Today

If you believe that you or a loved one are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, then you might need to speak to a professional. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon will be able to help you get the coverage you need while assisting you in finding the right treatment and center for you.

By speaking to a professional, you’ll be informed about the options that are available to you and how many of these will be covered by your policy. What’s stopping you from starting on your journey to sobriety?

Starting on this journey may seem like an overwhelming experience. However, this doesn’t need to be the case, as everybody in BSBC and the treatment center you choose will be more than happy to assist you with everything you need. Your health and well-being is of prime importance, so why wait to get the help that you need?