United Healthcare Substance Abuse Treatment

All You Need To Know About The United Healthcare Substance Abuse Treatment

In the United States substance abuse is considered to a great extent an epidemic to some professionals. From recent years, there is a progressive increase in illegal intake of prescription medications and illicit drugs such as opioids. Many people who want to get out of the addiction cycle are faced with financial constraints. Many are left with the struggle of carrying the burdens of addiction and at the same time looking for means to cover the cost. Affording full rehab treatment is not viable for most of them.

Important Fact about United health care

This United Health group is the biggest health insurance industry in the United States. They thrive towards ensuring effective and quality healthcare for all Americans. Based on the said goal, they formed their “Member Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.” this member bill guarantees members the opportunity to be treated with respect by network healthcare providers and United Health care employees.

The Importance of United Healthcare Rehab Coverage

The society in general has a stigma on individuals who are addicted to substances. It is constantly viewed as personal weakness or lack of discipline on the part of the individual. Addiction is now seen as a chronic illness that is treatable after so many efforts and research carried out by the addiction treatment community.

Based on research, it was unveiled that a stunning one out of 12 American adults are currently faced with the burden of alcohol and drug addiction. Only few out of this massive number ever get the needed treatments to overcome their addiction. This does not only affect the individual but also the country at large.

National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that a yearly estimate of $700 goes to substance abuse. This amount includes the amount spent on healthcare devoted to alcohol and drug issues, courts, law enforcement and reduction in productivity incurred by the addicts. With the inclusion of Substance abuse treatment to the United Healthcare Insurance plan, they have contributed immensely through assisting Americans to gain access to the needed treatment to fight addiction and live a normal life again.

How United Healthcare Substance Abuse Treatment Works

It is important to follow the full processes for the United Healthcare substance abuse treatment services before arranging for drug rehab treatment or making a claim. This is necessary because the coverage will not be the same from one policy to another. Referral or approval may be needed from your primary health care provider.

Will United Healthcare Pay for Substance Abuse Treatment?

You need not to worry too much if you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse and you don’t have enough funds to cater for the treatment. If you are a member of the United Health care services under the health insurance plan, United Health care substance abuse treatment coverage is part of your policy.

However, all policies differ, some may not cover everything. For instance, a portion of detox or the full cost of treatment may be covered; outpatient or inpatient treatment may be covered. All this depends on the terms of your package. If you are on the comprehensive plan, you may have only a small portion to pay or it may cover full cost of treatment.

Get yourself Treated Right Away

Assistance from a professional is so far the only efficient way to achieve proper treatment from substance abuse and quick recovery. Don’t let financial constraints deprive you of living a healthy life, free from alcohol or drug addiction. Get the rehab treatment you want through the United Health care insurance.