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Four Myths To Avoid When Entering United Healthcare Rehab

For anyone who’s dealing with a substance abuse problem, whether it be drug or alcohol, there comes the point in their life where they say “enough is enough, time to get help.” For some people, getting said help is easy, they have no problem with finances. For others, they have to look for a drug rehab coverage such as united healthcare rehab.

Sadly, getting drug rehab coverage is just a small step in the battle to overcome their substance abuse problem. It often takes a lot of courage to check yourself, or allow your family check you into rehab as there are a lot of stories about rehab that make people hesitant to go in for help.

After locating an excellent drug rehab coverage like united healthcare rehab, to lose the conviction to get the help you need because of a couple of myths can be disheartening to the individual and the families. For that reason, we’ll be taking a look at some of the myths that surround drug rehabilitation and hopefully see you or your loved one to getting the help that is required.

Four Rehab Myths

1) All rehabs are the same

One of the problems that substance abusers face is going back to a new rehab center after they tried one and it failed. They believe that every center is the same and as such, there’s no point in wasting time checking out another. Unfortunately, this is not true. A lot of factors go into achieving success when you’re in rehab, one of which is your attitude. The type of facility is also an important one too. Is it well respected and client-centered? You should always seek out a good rehab center since this is a decision that would impact your life.

2) Having a relapse makes rehab a waste of time

For some reason, people expect rehab to be a one fix scheme. If going to rehab just once could put an end to all future sobriety, that would be amazing. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Rehab centers aim to give individuals the tools they need to face and overcome any future substance temptations. The individual has to choose to want to embrace these tools being offered so they can go on to make better life choices.

3) Rehab is extremely expensive

Most people who need the help offered by rehab get discouraged to go in because they feel its way above their budget. Fortunately, several health insurance programs provide treatment for people dealing with addiction. One such insurance program is the united healthcare drug rehab.

4) A relapse means you’ve failed

Having a relapse does not mean you’re a failure or you’ve failed. For anyone who’s been through rehab, relapse is a part of their reality. But it isn’t the end of the world, and you certainly didn’t fail. It is only a setback, one that you can also overcome and get the chance to learn an essential lesson for more successes in the future.


Summoning the courage to get the help you need isn’t always that easy, but one thing you have to know is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can talk to your family and friends to support you in this trying time and before you know it, these dark days will be over.


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